Long Beach gives 2020

Good Morning Beautiful People! California Families in Focus is one of the many nonprofits that was selected to participate in the Long Beach Gives Fundraising Campaign and TODAY, September 17th is not only the launch party but early giving begins, which means that you will be able to log in and donate to your favorite charity or two or three:) On September 24, 2020 you will also have 24 hours to make a donation so save the date!

For the Long Beach Gives Campaign we will focus on the Visionaries Inspiring Purpose Virtual Mentoring Program, where we incorporate Social and Emotional Learning in our three main programs, VIP Mentoring Program for teens ages 13-19, AMPD Program which focus on the siblings of the teens ages 5-12 and uses Art, Music, Poetry and Dance as tools for communication, self-expression and healing and Familia Y Fortaleza (Family and Strength) Program for the parents which focuses on the Mental Health and Wellness of the mind, body and spirit. We work with the family unit so they all work together and understand the importance of each role and succeed together.

VIP is a one-year mentoring program for high school youth, which stands for Visionaries Inspiring Purpose, where youth are matched and placed with a mentor for a period of 12 months. Youth also receive after school tutoring and homework assistance, they attend monthly educational virtual workshops with their mentors focusing on developing and strengthening the mentoring relationship, ethical leadership, planning for a successful career and Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention, they also attend quarterly zoom meetings with their mentor where they get an opportunity to highlight their activities, creativity and celebrate special milestones.

We schedule special speakers and presenters from our community to expose our youth to people who make things happen, from elected officials to business owners, community services and community leaders. The VIP (Visionaries Inspiring Purpose) Virtual Mentoring Program is registered with the Long Beach Mentor Connection, California Mentoring Partnership and the National Mentoring Partnership, which means we can offer our mentors the best resources and support so that we provide them with the best mentoring experience.

Please invest in our youth and please click on the link and donate or register to become a peer fundraiser. https://donate.longbeachgives.org/california-families-in-focus


Good morning beautiful Tribe!

In times of uncertainty, I invite you to rise up and envision yourself in your new normal.

What will that look like for you?

What skills and talents will you develop?

We can’t just sit at home and wait for the world to open up, we have to use this time to get to know ourselves, reinvent and restructure and be ready to face a new world but in order to do all that we need inspiration and COURAGE, so here you go❀️

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend πŸ™πŸ½