California Families in Focus CF Focus is looking for unsung youth heroes from our Trans community and is asking individuals, parents and organizations for nominations.

Do you know a Trans youth who goes above and beyond to help the community, raising awareness, creating support groups, advocating for the rights of the Trans community in schools, work places or with policyholders?

If so, please contact us at and send us a statement about why you’re nominating them, a short bio and a photo.

Winners will be recognized a our 15th Annual Spirit of Christmas, December 14, 2018 with an “Angels on Earth“ award and receive a full makeover and wardrobe the day of the event!

This is a FREE event but if you would like to attend you have to register through our eventbrite link.

Please help us spread the word and support and share this🙏🏽


Hello beautiful humans!

My name is Angel and I am the CEO and Founder of California Families in Focus and we are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that caters to youth and their families. 

Our mission statement is to develop and provide positive and innovative events and social service programs for youth and their families to achieve empowerment and purpose.

How do we achieve empowerment and purpose? We do this by creating social consciousness and encouraging and engaging our community to step into their light and be an active participant in life and not a spectator and giving them support and recognition each step of the way.

December is the month of giving and WE at California Families in Focus have been extremely busy giving all year long and we would like to invite you all to get involved and earn those wings!

California Families in Focus is getting ready to host our 15th Annual Spirit of Christmas Awards Banquet, December 14, 2018 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 525 E. 7th St. Long Beach, CA 90813 from 5pm-9pm and we are looking for volunteers and professionals to donate their talents as videographers, caterers, chefs and photographers.

We need a printing service to donate our step and repeat poster wall and our programs.

We need food donations to feed our special guests, we would like to provide a delicious dinner which will consist of one chicken option and one vegetarian option, potatoes, green beans, carrots and salad. 

Drinks; triple berry punch, strawberry lemonade, coffee, tea and water.

This special banquet will benefit our Trans Youth and Trans community because we want them to know that they matter, they are a great part of our beautiful and colorful community and they are loved and appreciated.

We will be hosting a special tribute to unsung heroes from our Trans community and we will be selecting a few individuals to provide a full makeover and wardrobe and present them with “Angel on Earth” awards.

If you would like to volunteer, please email me at or log on to our website at

If you can’t volunteer but would like to donate, please send us a donation through PayPal by entering or mail us a check to 6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. #191, Long Beach, CA 90803. 

If you are Trans and would like to be a guest, please register through eventbrite by clicking the following link

Please share, support, donate🙏🏽

Families in Focus is proud to share this video of our Kimberly Maddox Youth Scholarship Launch Party at the beautiful hotel Maya!

On November 13, 2018 California Families in Focus launched their first Annual Kimberly Maddox Youth Scholarship Program which benefits youth who are seeking a law career.

Michelle Flores, a hard working and very deserving young lady made history last Tuesday by being the very first Scholarship recipient.

As a dreamer and given our current political climate, Michelle felt scared and discouraged to apply for any funding or scholarships and along with her parents, Diana Norman and Ignacio Flores they conjured up a plan to earn the money to pay for her college education and embarked on a journey for Michelle to become a young entrepreneur.

Michelle’s love for photography and passion for bringing smiles to people’s faces led her and her parents to launch a photo booth business called Smile Factoryps this way earning money wouldn’t feel to much like work.

The creativity flowed and soon they found themselves being very popular and attending very elaborate parties and providing their photo booth services, however nothing brought them greater joy than attending events for the disadvantaged community groups providing their services free of charge or at a low cost, many times donating the materials themselves.

Having met Michelle’s parents and grandparents I can tell you with all honesty that California Families in Focus did Kimberly Maddox justice by selecting Michelle Flores as the recipient and ambassador for this awesome $5,000 scholarship that will honor the life and legacy of such an amazing, loving and caring human being.

The event itself exceeded our expectations and the love, caring and laughter that was shared that night was a true testament to the way Kimberly Maddox lived her life🙏🏽

The attention to detail and heart warming activities highlighted the signature stamp that California Families in Focus CF Focus is famous for and often sought out to produce events throughout California, from the hand crafted sugar skulls, to the carefully assembled door prizes, to the custom tailored recognition certificates, every detail was strategically planned and carried out with the thought of honoring and celebrating the great Kimberly Maddox.

California Families in Focus, it’s Board of Directors and Associate Committee Members and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this event such a great success!

I especially want to thank the Maya Hotel, Randy and Cindy Allen for stepping up and stepping in at the drop of a dime (literally) and for their generous donation. How fitting that they stepped in when a life ended and again when we are starting a beautiful program that will continue the legacy of that same life🙏🏽

Leslie Smith and Robert Spieth for their generous donations Sal Flores-Trimble, Dora Salaz, Carla Peachazz and Lisa Schumaker for helping us reach the $5,000 Scholarship goal we set.

Thank you to Olga Lidia Yanez and Angels model academy, Fedra MQ Sanchez and Casa Guerrero, Gail Dennison, Pastor Ben George, Ariel Levyz, Omnar Mayorga Grupo O&D, Xipetotec Danzantes Aztecas, Lancia DjLancia Draper-Munroe, Blues Man Reed and Chris, Raul Norman, Jaime Jimenez Torres, Chely Rosales Medina, Sarah Hanson, Monica lucia roa vazquez, Joel D. Sandoval, Ana Sandoval and everyone else who helped us.

Next year we would like to give out five $5,000 Scholarships to deserving youth so we are putting it out into the universe and our community and asking for help and support.

Please donate through PayPal by entering or mailing a check to 6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. #191, Long Beach, CA 90803🙏🏽








Kimberly Maddox Youth Scholarship Launch Party



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