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California Families in Focus (CFF) is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization providing services in the city of Long Beach for over 25 years. Angel Macias and Robert Spieth officially incorporated CFF in April of 2002.

CFF has a long-standing relationship with many Long Beach nonprofits, LBUSD, CSULB, elected officials, businesses, foundations and has achieved national recognition with numerous awards, acknowledgements and proclamations from local, state and federal elected officials.

Our mission is to develop and provide positive and innovative events and social service programs for youth and their families to achieve empowerment and purpose. Our primary focus is on developing the “whole child” and providing tools to prepare them for the workforce and society, and to help them achieve their full potential. CFF takes a holistic approach to accomplish these objectives.

Our three primary programs are the VIP (Visionaries Inspiring Purpose) Mentoring Program for teens 13-19; AMPD Program (Art, Music, Poetry and Dance) for our teens’ younger siblings to heal trauma by expressing emotions in a healthy way; and the Familia y Fortaleza Program for mothers to maintain mental wellness and learn leadership and parenting skills.

We incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) components into each program to educate the whole child and the whole family. To train a wide breadth of topics, we largely use mentoring, art therapy (visual and physical expression), and meditation. We help our families learn about effective parenting, mental health, leadership skills, self-esteem, self-defense/personal safety, and entrepreneurial skills.

We invite CFF’s mentors, mentees, and family members to help plan events such as the I Matter 2 Anti-Bullying and Suicide Awareness Fashion Show and the Annual Spirit of Christmas Brunch to build self-esteem, teach the importance of communication, teamwork, how to regulate emotions, deal with stress, manage anger, and how to create social consciousness within our community. After the events, they feel a sense of accomplishment and gratefulness.

We do not do this alone. With our community partners we make a greater impact. California Families in Focus is supported and funded by individual donors, local businesses, foundations, and proceeds raised through fundraising events.

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6475 E Pacific Coast Hwy #191,
Long Beach, CA 90803