Dress to Impress Conference

Please join Bienestar in partnership with California Families in Focus, St. John’s well child and family center, the children’s hospital Los Angeles Center for Transyouth health and development and the county of Los Angeles Department of Public Health HIV Division ETS Program for the Dress for Success Conference.


On behalf of California Families in Focus, I would like to thank everyone who came out to the ribbon cutting celebration for the Kimberly Maddox Youth Dream Center yesterday🙏🏽

Special thanks to our generous sponsor Ms. Peck For believing in our dream and providing the funds to purchase everything we needed, we couldn’t have done it without you! You are a perfect example of empowerment and a true humanitarian😘

Also, Thank you to our Board of Directors, our associate committee members, our program coordinators, our sponsors and our community partners🥰 Freedom Through Healing for the delicious cake, Lori Smith for setting up and staging, Imperial Court of Long Beach for your ongoing support, Mayor Robert Garcia and Abigail Mejia for the certificate, Ignacio Flores for the photo booth, Hektor for making sure everything was clean, Randy Hausauer for your stories about Kim and your encouragement, Jesse Johnson and Denise Hayes for your coming back into my life and supporting us, Pat & Andrea Pat Connolly for offering your contacts and mentoring availability, Carla Peachazz for your connections and expertise, Jen Rives for being our bartender and everyone who helped out.

The Kimberly Maddox Youth Dream Center is already booked for the entire year and we just opened it yesterday! At this rate it looks like we will need more generous sponsors to gift us a huge building to be able to provide services for our community🙏🏽😂

We felt the love and support From everyone who attended yesterday. I cannot wait to see how each one of our programs, Projects, and events grow and thrive.

We welcome anyone who has a skill or talent and wants to host a class, tutors, mentors and volunteers are also welcome.