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Let’s help Michelle with her first semester at Cal State Long Beach!


Hello community. My name is Michelle Flores and I am appealing to you for help so that I can attend college. I will be the first in my family to attend a University. I will be attending Cal Sate Long Beach this Fall and majoring in film. I plan to be part of The Film & Electronic Arts program. I have received many academic awards throughout my high school years. I have also done a lot for my community. I now reach back out to ask my community for help. For many years I have volunteered with local nonprofit organizations. For example, I am and have been part of a small organization with a big heart called “California Families & Focus” and we have helped many families and youth over the years achieve their dreams and who have become leaders in the community. Also, in 2017, I created an interactive video presentation for the 5th Annual Latina Women’s Conference co-sponsored by the local nonprofit Comunidades con Poder para el Cambio (“CPC”). I may also be familiar to those in the Cambodian community through the art classes I’ve taken at the United Cambodian Center. Because I love my community, I will continue to do my part to help make it a better place by volunteering my time to local ethical organizations. But more than anything, I want to continue my educational goals. So I am asking my community for help to achieve my academic goals.  Any money that is donated will go toward my tuition at Cal State Long Beach, my books and all my schools supplies. I thank you in advance and anything you can donate would be truly appreciated.