“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

–  Audre Lorde, American writer, poet, and civil rights activist

Long Beach Trans Pride Festival is a one-day event to highlight, empower, inspire and normalize our vibrant trans and nonbinary community. Exhibiting strength in unity with trans allies began with the inspiration of Alexa Castanon. 

Alexa envisioned a “big platform” to highlight transgenders who live, work and thrive in Long Beach. Angel Macias fully supported the idea (monetarily and emotionally) and the two created the “Angel’s on Earth” Christmas dinner and awards banquet. In collaboration with other allied community organizations and businesses, the event honored members of the trans community who were voluntarily contributing to the community without compensation or recognition. 


The award recipients’ stories were so moving, that Angel enveloped this cause into the California Families in Focus (CFF) platform. CFF recognized that advocating for equality, dignity, and respect for the members of the trans community is on equal footing with CFF’s other initiatives. It was evident that as an awards dinner, the platform was not big enough! 

Long Beach Trans Pride Festival was born from that commitment and aligns with CFF’s mission “to develop and provide positive and innovative events and social service programs for youth and their families to achieve empowerment and purpose.”


The Festival gives a voice to non-conforming members of the community and provides a space where being yourself is elevated and celebrated. 

The Long Beach Trans Pride Festival:

  • Welcomes all members of the trans and nonbinary community at any stage of transitioning,
  • Spreads awareness, visibility and representation of the trans community,
  • Draws focus on the rights and importance to build strength in unity.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are launching the Long Beach Trans Pride Website in 2020 and will return in 2021 with an event held virtually or in person.